We Provide Engineering & Machining Services

We have a comprehensive range of Automated and Manual machinery that is able to cater to your needs. We are able to provide customisation or even machining services.
Do give us a call or drop us an email with your drawing. If you do not have a drawing, let us know so we can together help you find a solutions.

1. Turning & milling Services

2. Customised Services

3. Cutting & Sawing Services

4. Drilling Services

5. Bar Bending Services

6. Welding Services

7. EDM Services

8. Chamfering Services

9. Grinding Services

10. Threading Services

Our Facilities

10 CNC Machines that provide precise machining job

High quality threaded parts created by our skilled technicians with 8 state-of-art thread rolling machines.

5 bending machines for curved parts such as U-bolts, pipe clamps and various curved application based on your unique requirements.

Equipped with Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) that maximize accuracy, cutting performance and cost savings.

Other Machines and Fabrication Capabilities