Anchor Bolt

Cast-in anchor bolts or and rods come in a variety of configurations depending on the needs of the building project, the threaded portion is the only common element projecting from the concrete to secure any framework or building structure required.

Anchor bolts is used to support structural steel columns, lamp poles, signage structures, bridge , equipment, and many other applications. It is embedded into the concrete to anchor down structure column.

LSH is the manufacturer of anchor bolt and is FPC Certified to BC:1 2012 requirements. We control and ensure the quality from raw material to manufacturing to coating finishing. Our quality product are well recognized and used for many major projects like MRT, Hospital, Changi Airport, Jewels, Casino, Desalination plants, etc


Type of Anchor Bolt

Anchor bolts comes in various design,:

  • L-shape
  • J-shape
  • 45° shape
  • Straight with welded nut only
  • Straight with welded plate & nut
  • Many more


Available Grade and Finishing

Grade 4.6 Plain/ GI / HDG
Grade 8.8 Plain/ GI / HDG
Grade 10.9 Plain/ GI / HDG
Grade SS304 Original
Grade SS316  Original

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